This is for people trying to become staff on ParkourCraft. Written by Sean, (xXCrazySeanXx) edited by YOLIT1


The Process

First, an admin will review your application. If the admin finds your application suitable, a comment will be left saying something along the lines of "Decent Application, thank you for taking your time with this." If the admin does not feel that the application is up to par with what we are looking for as a staff member, a comment will be left saying what needs to be improved, and the application will be rejected.

Applications are usually not dealt with as they are submitted, but rather reviewed and eventually rejected and/or accepted en masse. In the case that you were rejected, wait several days and write a new application. Ensure that it follows the requirements, has good grammar, and looks as though effort was put into it.

In the case that you were not rejected, but a comment was left by a staff member with something along the lines of "Decent Application", here is how it works. When ParkourCraft is looking for new staff members, we will usually look over all of the applications, and decide who we think will fit best as a new staff member.


Before anything else, make sure your application follows the minimum requirements. Skype is a necessity for all staff, as without it we cannot communicate. In a similar vein, all questions that you see must be answered, and the last two in particular need to follow the minimum requirement. You are naturally allowed and encouraged to exceed this, but excessive words for the sake of it will detract from your application.

Make sure your application has no grammatical errors! When we are looking for new staff and we notice that someone wrote an okay application, but has many grammatical errors, it shows us that you did not take the time to write out a decent application.

Some information on age. If you are young, that does not mean that you are not mature enough to be staff. I know that someone young can fit a spot in the ParkourCraft staff. I do not want you to get maturity confused with age though. If we find that you are immature, not matter your age, that may affect what we think about you as a staff member.

Be active and helpful! At ParkourCraft we are looking for staff who can be active, a player who can help out the other players and be a good part of our community is the kind of player we are looking for. Take the time to get to know existing staff members and how they present themselves.

This is one of the biggest things I can recommend:

Do not bug staff about them reading your application.

Being A Staff Member

Being Staff

Before you read this part, understand that I am Sean, and you have no reason to emulate what I do. I have staff so they can moderate the server, while I work on the back end of it.

Yes, staff do joke around a lot, but when it comes down to it you are expected to take it seriously. One of the major things that you need to understand is that when you become a staff member, you will be spending most of your time moderating the server, not playing. When someone is spamming the chat, or breaking the rules, you are supposed to deal with it. If you cannot handle that player, you need to contact someone who have the powers to deal with the problem.

When there is a glitch or some sort of problem going on with the server, I need you to contact me directly and explain to me what the problem is.

When you are promoted to a staff rank, you will usually be given abilities that regular players do not have. You do not get to abuse them! Those commands are there to help you moderate the server. They are not there for your personal use of them to gain some sort of power over other player by threatening them and misusing your abilities.

To wrap this up, when you are staff, a lot more is expected of you. With the gain of the position, you are given the responsibility to moderate.


We spend a lot of time on this server. We do not look to make profit from it, but to offer a fun a experience for players. All of the money that is donated to the server is used for the server. Understand that when you donate, yes, a staff member may think for a second before disciplining, but when it all comes down to it, we do not tolerate people who try to control me or any of our staff. You are no better than any of our staff because you donated a substantial amount of money to the server. Don't get me wrong though, your donations are greatly appreciated! We just do not want people to get the idea that because they donated a lot of money they are any better than another.