Domain Changes have been tested and implemented over the past few weeks. You can now use "" as an address for connecting to the closest server. If you use “” as a web address in your browser, it will redirect you to this Enjin website which is under “”. A wildcard DNS record has also been added in order to account for any errors while typing in the server’s address. This means that “”, or “” will direct you in the same way that “” does.

Forum Tags have been fixed, and properly added for Legends. You may have noticed a ~24 hour period where every donator tag was being added to users, but that is now no longer an issue. To receive the correct forum tag, log on to the server through the Hub. Let me know if you are having issues with this.

Permissions in general are being changed on the backend(permissions are what give you the ability to execute certain commands). The global permissions for every server, and the per-server permissions are being moved around in order to maintain utmost efficiency and reliability. If you notice any oddities or lacking permissions please respond to this post with the issue.

More Security Changes have also been made.

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