Tbh I just saw this and it’s lowkey really sad I wonder if hytale will live up to its hype because this isn’t the first time a popular Minecraft based game has failed such as cube craft that was popular for a few months years ago. I’m surprised this sever isn’t switching to roblox instead LOL but overall really sad that this server is coming to an end and that people just stopped playing that game
The real thing we're banking on is that since Hypixel is the only major server still relatively intact, following their work is the best shot we have. At this stage to have over 10k players at 11:30 on a Thursday is astounding and doesn't happen without a fundamental understanding of what makes multiplayer MC fun. With that level of expertise they oughtta be able to make at least a decent framework for the remaining staff here to build off of, and we might just have to take potential growth over seemingly inevitable stagnation

One thing that I want to make extremely clear is that all of this is HYPOTHETICAL. We will be working on the server until we have something concrete to work off of, which will take a while, but it is a plan we are hoping will work.

There are a lot of logistics in Minecraft, the biggest one being that player counts have been dropping for a long time. It's not plateauing, either; it's constantly going down. It's not just us and the server, although a portion of it most certainly is. The game itself is become a ghost town, and there's little incentive for anyone to play it.

Hypixel is promising a lot with Hytale, and I think they truly will live up the hype. Not only are these developers EXTREMELY talented, Hypixel is a server that considers the Minecraft EULA to be abhorrent, the developing state of the game to be ridiculous, and they feel as though making their own game will circumvent it.

It is one of the most popular game trailers of our generation, and although there is a lot of high expectations, Hypixel has every reason to get it right. They can profit better as a gaming company rather than a Minecraft server, and they can most certainly make a stronger and longer lasting community as long as the developing team doesn't sell out like Mojang did.

Once we know what we need to do, we will do it. Right now, though, everything is hypothetical.