KitPvP Beta

ParkourCraft is releasing a new version of KitPvP created mainly by xXCrazySeanXx and Superclam1 with major differences from the now old, outdated and non-working KitPvP server. We would appreciate feedback so we can better balance the kits, and fix any glitches there might be. If there is a feature that you believe should be added, don’t be afraid to open a post or reply to this thread with that idea. This new KitPvP server contains many new things, which a majority of them have been listed below.

New Features

This new KitPvP server includes many new features, including but not limited to:

  • Three brand new maps built for KitPvP. (OrcishEncampment, Islands and Castle.)
  • New map voting system.
  • Updates to existing kits.
  • New custom items and abilities.
  • Improved anti-cheat plugins.
  • Better server stability. (Won’t crash as often as previous.)
  • New custom jump pads.
  • UUID compatibility.
  • New classes. (Currently being implemented still, subject to be added throughout the beta.)

Kit Updates

All current kit updates:

  • Tank - Replaced diamond chestplate with iron to reduce strength.
  • Archer - Changed Punch 2 enchant to Punch 1. Added Knockback 1 wooden sword.
  • Knight - Added ‘Leap’ ability, sending the player in the direction the player is facing.
  • Medic - Added constant regen. Removed pots. Added ‘Bandage’ ability, adds extra hearts and replenishes after a certain amount of time.
  • Berserker - Single cocaine but now replenishes after a short amount of time.
  • Enderman - Single enderpearl but now replenishes after a short amount of time.
  • Blaze - Added Fire Aspect 1 wooden sword.
  • Bunny - Replaced leather tunic with iron to increase survivability.
  • Infiltrator - Now has 2 regenerating splash potions of damage, replenish one after 25 seconds.
  • Cactus - Replaced Iron Chestplate with Diamond to increase survivability.
  • Aquaman - Added Depth Strider enchant to boots.
  • Wither Skeleton - Updated withering effect chance.
  • Sponge - Removed absorption on spawn. Added ‘Spongy Outer Covering’ ability, applies a shield of absorption to the player, replenishes after a certain amount of time.
  • Butcher - Removed cow egg. Added ‘Cow Cluster’ ability. Shoots a projectile that when hit causes an explosion of cows. Ability replenishes over time.
  • Vampire - Changed lifesteal. Added ‘Fangs’ item, when attacking has a change to lifesteal from the other player.
  • Jester - Currently being edited, but has two abilities. ‘Jump Right’ and ‘Jump Left’ shoot you in the corresponding direction and allows you to juke arrows and abilities. Removed all items from previous kit otherwise.
  • Scout - Plans to be upgraded in the future. Currently maintains the same merit.

All new kits and previously unreleased kits:

  • Kamikazee - Full leather armor. Adds “TnT Cannon” item. Shoots out a ignited piece of TnT for massive damage, but takes time to explode. Has three shots that replenish over time.
  • Crack Head - Full leather armor. Stone sword. Added ‘Crack Cocaine’ ability, which applies Poison 2 for 3 seconds, but adds Speed 4, Strength 1 and Jump Boost 1 for 8 seconds.
  • Snowman - Leather helmet and legs, Iron chest and boots. Iron sword. Added ‘Snow Shooter’ item. Shoots out a snowball every .75 seconds, dealing half a heart of damage and applies Slowness 1 for 5 seconds.
  • Spider - Full leather armor. Stone sword. Stone sword has chance to apply poison to enemy. Added 'Needler' item, shoots out 5 arrows consecutively with a cooldown.


Along with this new updated KitPvP, a couple promotions are taking place as well:

  • xXLance5xX - Moderator
  • darkpoison510 - Helper

Beta Period

So what else is to come from this in the future as it continues on into beta?

  • New kits. Many ideas have already been made that will be implemented as the beta continues.
  • New abilities, items, and overall changes to existing classes in order to balance and overall make the experience more fun.
  • New maps and updates to current existing maps to make each map fun to play, different and exciting
  • And more as we continue further through the beta period!


This KitPvP server is a Beta, meaning that everything is subject to change, and we are releasing it now in order to get feedback as we continue working on the server to improve what we can. If there are any errors, glitches, ideas, or other feedback you have, telling us would be much appreciated. Balancing ideas and thoughts for possible new kits are also very helpful to us. The more feedback we get, the better we can further the playability of the new KitPvP.

CLICK HERE to go to the post on the forums.

-El Clamo & Sean